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Counseling with Karine

Karine Echighian
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Our Groups


Teens and Young Adults (Ages 14-17)

The goal of the groups, for Teens and Young Adults, is to provide a safe and confidential environment for teens and young adults to talk about their lives. The groups meets once a week and focuses on topics such as fears and stress regarding the future. Other topics to be discussed include issues surrounding relationship conflicts, self-injurious behaviors, eating issues and other tasks relevant to adolescents and young adulthood.



Youth Group (5-8th Grade)

The Youth Group provides a safe and confidential place for Middle School aged students to discuss their everyday struggles. The group meets once a week and focuses on topics such as stress and anger management, peer and sibling conflict, impulsivity, difficulties with communication and the challenges associated with adjusting to surroundings as they are relevant to 5th-8th graders. Through numerous games and other activities, this group will work on building self-esteem, developing and strengthening coping skills and overall increasing self-awareness.