About Karine

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I am Karine Echighian, Licensed Therapist. I specialize in Marriage and Family Therapy. I became a therapist because I really wanted to help people. Too often we feel alone in this world and begin to feel lost. My hope and my goal for becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist is to be a resource for individuals looking to learn to connect, while helping them become stronger versions of themselves. This world has failed to teach us how to discover who we are, how we feel and how to show up for ourselves and others around us. I believe the more we learn to connect to ourselves and to those close to us, the stronger we will be to make this world a happier place for us to live.

(ADD: I will help you because we all need help. Not for the money. Why I became a therapist. Help people. Too often we feel alone in this world.)

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What clients say about me?

They will tell you that I am direct, quirky and most importantly I am real. I expect you to be honest with me and I will be honest with you. I am happy to be wrong, but I will tell you if I think you are not being fully honest with yourself. I will give you thoughts and opinions to help you bounce ideas when feeling stuck, not to tell you what to do. I realize I only get 1% of your life story. I am just here to help you figure out what to do with that 1%.

What should I know about Karine?

My Commitment to You

People can leave a therapist’s office feeling as lost as when they walked in. In our session, we focus on better understanding your needs better to help you feel connected to yourself.