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Offering Individual and Couple's Therapy remotely in California and in-person in Woodland Hills, CA. 

Bad or unhealthy behaviors serve a purpose in our lives.

Since most of the things we do are about trying to get our needs met, being able to identify and communicate those needs can change your view of yourself. Simply put, in both individual therapy and couples therapy, my approach is considered powerful because I help my clients identify their needs on a deeper level. Whether you are doing individual or couple's therapy, this results in a higher level of self-compassion and awareness. With that being said, healing starts with getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Individual and Couple's Therapy being offered by Karine Echighian Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Here to gently push you out of your comfort zone

My goal, for individual and couple's therapy, is to provide a safe space where I will meet you emotionally and help you meet each other in a safe space. I bring a direct approach that helps hold you accountable to your goals, your feelings, your words and each other. The intention of individual therapy and couples therapy is to help you communicate what is not being said. Learn more about Karine Echighian, LMFT

What makes me different?

While other therapists focus on offering a tool-based approach, my approach focuses more on the reflective part of therapy. In both Individual and Couple's Thearpy, too often individuals go to therapy to have someone “fix” or “stop” behaviors. As much as we want to find the quick fix, my approach to individual therapy and couples therapy comes from wanting to help you figure out “WHY” you do what you do, rather than just TELLING you what to do to stop the behavior. Understanding the “WHY”, opens the door to creating compassion for yourself in a healthy way.

"Looking for a therapist is so daunting and overwhelming, how will I even know if I found the right one?"

"I've never looked for therapist before, what types of questions should I ask?"

What do you think makes a good therapist?

A Stereotype-Defying Therapist

Finding help is not about getting ANY therapist, it'sabout finding the RIGHT therapist.