Thinking Out Loud

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Dear Anger

...I hear you when you feel the need to scream, insult, demand and criticize. I see your need to feel heard and feel like you matter; feel like what you say matters; feel like your existence matters. When your volume increases, I see your need to be seen, heard and acknowledged....

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Suicide: Why Ask “Why”?

...we never really know what is going on in other people’s lives. Why would anyone decide that committing suicide is the BEST or ONLY option?

This post is not about statistics, depression or suicide. It is about society and how we seem to act towards one another....So the question of “why” continues to run through my mind.

The real question is why does the answer to “why” matter? Yes, it does often times bring some closure. BUT at the same time, it brings up a number of other questions and feelings associated with the answer.

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The Holidays: A Daily Struggle?

For many, this time of year is very stressful. We jump around from event to event, while also struggling to juggle everyday life. Among other things, we may have to see people we may not get along with; we may be pressured to spend money we do not have; and we may have to find the time, in an already packed schedule, to go from store to store looking for the perfect gift. By the time January comes around, we are so disoriented from the chaos that the last six weeks seem like a blur.

So I ask you… If we really stop to look, how is this different from everyday life?

A Stereotype-Defying Therapist

Finding help is not about getting ANY therapist, it'sabout finding the RIGHT therapist.