Couple's Therapy

Couple's Therapy

The focus of my practice is different from that of other therapists in that it helps you understand what you are feeling, needing and how to get your needs met. It is a powerful approach in understanding yourself and your partner on a deeper level.

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Premarital Therapy

Individuals often come to couple's therapy to resolve issues in their relationship and/or communication. Premarital therapy focuses on relationship and communication but through the lens of preventing problems rather than solving them. The goal of premarital therapy is to begin having difficult conversations before they become problems.

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Give me an example of your approach to therapy

As a couple's therapist, I often hear couple's complain that they struggle with communication. Too often we just hear what we want to hear and not what our partner is trying to tell us. Similarly, we may not know what we are trying to say. Gaining this understanding can change the entire dynamic of a conversation.

For example, Person A may be upset that they are not getting enough attention or affection. Maybe they are feeling anxious or alone. If every feeling they are having is a direct result of getting their needs met or not met, understanding those needs makes all the difference. Maybe they need to feel safe. What does safety look like? It may look like getting a hug, words of encouragement or getting a bodyguard. If Person B hires a bodyguard to support Person A, but Person A really just wants a hug and to be told they are safe, then Person A is not really getting their needs met. They are not getting their needs met, nor are they feeling heard.

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My Commitment to You

People can leave a therapist’s office feeling as lost as when they walked in. In our session, we focus on better understanding your needs better to help you feel connected to yourself.