Adult Individual Therapy

Adult Individal Therapy

The focus of my practice is different from that of other therapists in that it helps you understand what you are feeling, needing and how to get your needs met. It is a powerful approach in understanding yourself and the people around you on a deeper level.

Some people need to be taught tools, while others need to be taught to listen to their own needs. 

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Give me an example of your approach to therapy

Adult individual therapy is requires a tailored approach to each individual. Not all individuals get their needs meet in a by the book sort of way.

For example, the pandemic is a relateable experience. Lets say you were feeling anxious. This would make sense since we were in a pandemic, a lockdown and faced a lot of uncertainity. If every feeling we have is a direct result of getting our needs met or not met, we need to know what those needs are. Maybe you needed space. What does space look like? It can look like, "don't talk to me for an hour after work", "I need to go for a walk" or maybe, "I need to be on a mountaintop somewhere". If you need to be on a mountaintop somewhere in nature, but you are only getting an hour of no one speaking to you, you are NOT actually getting your needs met.

Understanding yourself on this level can help you build more self-compassion and self-understanding, but it an also help you find solutions to your problems and find ways to cope that are specific to your needs and situation.

What do I need to know about adult individual Therapy?

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